The objectives of the Faculty of Fine Arts are to attract and educate outstanding artists and professionals who can contribute to the creative fields of art, design and craft. This is achieved through a highly professional and cross-departmental education, reinforced with the unique and various research possibilities that only the ancient city of Kyoto can offer.


Department of Crafts

Department of General Science of Art

Graduate School of Arts – Master’s Programme

The objectives of Master’s Programme are to educate and support the research and artistic activities of students at an advanced level both nationally and internationally.

Graduate School of Arts – Doctoral Programme

The objectives of this programme are to train artists and researchers with the ability to shoulder the responsibilities of the next generation in both theoretical studies and creative work. The students are also expected to contribute to the field of art and culture at home and abroad through their advanced creative work and research.

KCUA International Office.

KCUA International Office.

KCUA International Office.

KCUA International Office.